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The Process

Design Process:

- No obligation, no cost initial consultation to ensure you and I are a good team for your project
- Custom packages to choose from based on your budget (as little or as much help as you require)
- Determine your needs, purpose, function, practical use of your project
- Full estimate of the hours it will take and the cost to you, with our guarantee that hours won’t be exceeded without your direction
- Determine your style, likes and dislikes and find out what you want from your renovation – eg. “I want my bathroom to feel like a spa” “I want an uncluttered, clean look” (note: you don’t have to even know your style for this to work)
- We help you focus and guide you through the decision making process and help you from getting overwhelmed, while your style shines through

Renovation Process:

- You now have a design you love and we can start the project.
- The design process works well with many options
* You already know who will do your work
* You want to do some or all of the work yourself
* You need help finding a good contractor
* You want to get prices from several contractors to compare
- This process is fantastic to put your ideas on paper and have a concrete plan with all products chosen before you begin. It puts you in control. It removes guesswork from costs and prevents a lot of surprises that can happen.
- You or your predetermined contractor prices the project, gets your approval and sets a timeline.
Renovations begin
- A designer is on-call throughout your project to answer any questions from your or your contractor - usually with no extra cost to you.
- Most often a final walkthrough with the contractor to highlight if any part of the project requires attention still
- Our help is available to set up and decorate your new space
- After photos followed by you showing off your beautiful project to your friends and family.

Renovation Contractors:

- We work with a few trusted companies that I can recommend for your project. They all come with a long list of references of satisfied clients and they provide superior services
- We can work with a contractor of your choosing
- We are happy to work with you if you are doing your own renovation